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Women's Health physio testimonials





"There is so much conflicting information on postnatal Diastasis Recti (tummy gap) online, that I'd almost given up hope. Camilla was brilliant at explaining everything about it and all the recent research findings on treating this condition to me, in words that I could understand. She taught me new exercises each session to do as homework, which were completely manageable with a young child. I've dropped 2 waist sizes and am finally feeling confident and strong in my body again"   - Joanne 

"I recently had a video consultation with Camilla and it was excellent. I was initially worried that we wouldn't be able to achieve much in an on-line session. But Camilla was able to take a really detailed history and give me a thorough assessment of my posture, movement, breathing, diastasis recti and then give me loads of relevant information about my condition and give me some great exercises that are already helping. I'm already looking forward to my next appointment"  - Marissa H

"Really wonderful treatment - she is kind, sensitive and really knows what she is talking about. Pelvic Floor problems have now gone and my long-standing back pain has settled too!! Have recommended her to all my friends"              - Samantha J 


"My post-natal check-up with my GP was sadly only 5 minutes long and didn't answer many of my questions about my body or how or when I could get back to running safely. Camilla's Postnatal Body Check appointment was incredible - a full hour just focussing on me! She really listened to how my pregnancy and birth had gone and how I felt I was doing following my delivery, and then was able to assess me from head to toe. Looking at my neck and shoulder which had become painful with breastfeeding, and my stomach muscles and c-section scar, as well as my pelvis and pelvic floor muscles. And then gave me a really detailed program of exercises and advice to help me get back to all the activities I love without me causing more problems. 5 sessions later and I'm back to running and feeling stronger than I have in years! Thank you"  - Lucy M  

"I wish I'd come to see you sooner - I had years of problems with my bladder control and pelvic floor after children and then going through the menopause. After 6 sessions I now have had no symptoms for the last month - incredible! I thought surgery was my only option left. I feel like a new woman"   - Audrey J 

"I was referred to see Camilla in my pregnancy with awful pelvic girdle pain - I was struggling to walk, go up and down stairs and even get in and out of bed and was starting to worry about how it would affect my labour. I'd had treatment with other therapists but nothing had helped. Camilla put me straight at ease with her calm and confident manner and thorough assessment. She explained everything clearly and gave me a mixture of hands-on treatment that was really relaxing, acupuncture and some achievable home exercises to work on. I have felt better after every session and am now doing weekly antenatal yoga with no pain and am looking forward to my delivery!"     - Nadia Z


"I was diagnosed with a prolapsed bladder – a condition I was really embarrassed about. Camilla was obviously an expert in her field. She was so empathetic and understanding!  With her treatment I do not need surgery at present and I now have the tools to continue a full and active life without being scared to move. I am so grateful”    - Anonymous  

"Thank you for everything. I'm sure you have curing hands - I was in so much pain and and you single-handedly got me through my pregnancy! I'm already looking forward to my 6-week postnatal body check with you"  - Georgina R

"If you do one thing after having a baby - get Camilla to come and see you for a physio session. I felt like my body was falling apart and I had awful ongoing pelvic girdle pain and was struggling to look after my baby. She has been a life-saviour, its taken a few months but I am now pain-free and able to exercise and starting to enjoy life as a Mummy! Thank you for everything!"   - Sara L  

"I was referred to see Milly for a problem with my pelvic floor - sex and any gynae examinations had always been excruciatingly painful. She was the first person to make me feel like something could be done about it and that it wasn't all in my head (as I'd been told before). She took time to explain everything to me so that I really understood what was going on, and treatment covered everything from improving my breathing, hip flexibility, pelvic floor relaxation and movement and general exercise.  Amazingly I really enjoyed our sessions and frank discussions about everything. Treatment was never painful and has made the most incredible difference in my life - I am now pregnant (something I thought would never be possible for me) and am even considering a vaginal birth! It has seriously changed my life"   - Anonymous

"I couldn't believe the difference in my tummy scar after just a few sessions - no more pain and pulling and its looking much flatter and fainter. I'm also no longer scared to look at it or touch it. I feel like I'm starting to reconnect with my body again"    - Zoe B



"I went to see Milly feeling like my insides were about to fall out of me and that my life had ended. After lots of education and exercises, I can now contract my pelvic floor correctly (was doing it all wrong before) and am back at work and the gym! Camilla's incredible knowledge and enthusiasm is so inspiring and motivating - I wouldn't see another physio now"    - Katherine W



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