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Massage and Scar Therapy

Physio Massage
Massage and Scar Therapy
Women's Health Physio Massage

Whether you are looking for a more relaxing pregnancy or postnatal massage to relieve tension and aches in your ever-changing body and improve sleep, or a more vigorous sports massage to minimise strains and optimise recovery, Camilla can help!

She offers 1 hour or 45minute sessions from a beautiful clinic at Norman Court near West Tytherley or in the comfort of you own home so that you can either drift straight off to sleep after, or continue with your busy day without wasting your precious time. 

To discuss massage options or book please contact us

Physio Massage
Physio Scar Treatment, C-section
Scar Therapy


Scars can feel tight, restrict mobility, be painful or have reduced sensation. Camilla uses gentle techniques that stimulate healing and tissue mobility, irrespective of how old a scar is. 

Bumpy, ridged, stringy, tight or sensitive areas of scar tissue can rapidly change, smoothing out and improving the movement and function of the entire area. 

Camilla can usually start working on scars around 6 weeks after an operation. But it's never too late to create positive changes, even years down the line. 

Please contact us to discuss further or book an appointment

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