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Professional Education
Teaching / Lecturing / Mentoring

Camilla is also a highly regarded and experienced teacher. As a Physiotherapy team manager in the NHS and Private practice, she has trained numerous physiotherapists to become specialists in the field of Women's Health, and has provided clinical supervision and mentoring to countless team members over the years.


She enjoys educating other professionals and the general public about all aspects of pelvic health. She regularly lectures on pregnancy Yoga and Pilates teacher training courses, has provided educational talks for groups of GP's and personal trainers, and has spoken at Physiotherapy Conferences. She was an Antenatal teacher on ‘The Bump Class’ (a highly regarded private Antenatal Class programme in London) for 8 years, and is currently a Tutor on one of the Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy national training courses. 

Women's Health Physio Talk/ Workshop

Educational Lectures / Workshops
Camilla is happy to provide bespoke, evidence-based lectures or workshops to small or large groups of other health or exercise professionals, and staff or patient groups, on a range of Pelvic Health/ Women's Health related topics.  This is usually best done face-to face but can be provided virtually.

Professional Mentoring - Women's Health Physio

Professional Teaching / Mentoring

For Women's Health Physiotherapists wanting to develop or update their knowledge on a particular topic or needing help with career progression. You can select an appropriate topic and duration, and she will arrange to meet with you (face-to-face or virtually) to provide the CPD or mentoring session.


Clinical Caseload Support

Camilla can offer support and guidance to other Women's Health physios in improving their management of their clinical caseloads or complex clients. This may include, problem solving, assessment and treatment advice and treatment progressions. This can take place on Zoom or face-to-face. 

If you would like Camilla to speak at one of your events or provide teaching or mentoring support to yourself or your team please contact her at for further information regarding fees and availability. 

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