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Women's Health Physio
Across the Test Valley, Wiltshire and Hampshire, UK

Women's Health Physio

Supporting women to lead a healthy, active, pain-free life

Women's Health Physiotherapy offers an evidence-based and holistic approach to physical problems that can arise at any point in a women's life.

From musculoskeletal aches and pains that develop during and following pregnancy, to pelvic floor muscle problems (causing bladder, bowel and pelvic pain symptoms) at any age, or issues with physical recovery and return to fitness after all types of delivery and gynae surgery. We have you covered!

The service is highly confidential and respects the often sensitive nature of these problems. 


About Me

Camilla has been working as a specialist Women’s health Physiotherapist for over 15 years. She is a highly regarded and experienced physio having worked in both the NHS and private practice across London and now in Hampshire / Wiltshire. She loves her work - helping her patients resolve their problems and return to a full and active, pain-free life. 

She believes in an evidence-based, individualised and holistic approach and uses an effective combination of manual therapy, education and rehabilitation to achieve optimal short and long-term recovery and wellbeing.

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